Checkout FAQs

Why does it say that there are multiple cart windows open?

This is possible when you have the cart page open on multiple separate tabs or browser windows. Funowls is unable to recognize which items you would like to proceed with through checkout. We suggest that you close all extra tabs or browsers and proceed with an open cart page before going ahead with the checkout process.

Why can't I proceed through checkout or make any changes on the cart page?

In such a case, we recommend the clearing of your cookies and cache for ALL the history. If this does not help, we suggest you use a new and/or updated browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox).

Orders FAQs

Do you keep record of previous orders?

Our database confidentially records, and stores data related to previous orders of our customers in order to provide a better service at Funowls. It allows us to keep appropriate records of the products sold and also to cater to our customers according to their tastes.

Is there minimum order requirement to purchase from your site?

No, we do not have a minimum order requirement to make purchases from Funowls.

How do I find my order number?

After placing an order at Funowls, you will receive an email confirming your order with us. You will be receiving your order number along with this mail. You can also view your order number by logging into your account at Funowls and browsing through your Orders.

Payment and invoice FAQs

What payment methods do you accept?

For making a payment at Funowls, you can use a Credit/Debit card or pay through PayPal. We are currently accepting Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit/debit cards. We also offer Buy Now Pay Later with Sezzle.

Can I pay for my order with Cheque or Wire Transfer?

Unfortunately, NO. We only accept payments through credit/debit cards and through PayPal. We accept credit/debit cards belonging to Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I combine my PayPal and Credit Card or Gift Card to pay for my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine a variety of payment options together for an order.

Price and taxes FAQs

How will you charge tax to my order?

Taxes in Canada vary according to the province where you might belong to. Our taxes are charged above and beyond the existing prices of our range of products.

Can I price match my Sunglasses?

Yes, you can price match your sunglasses from Funowls. Have a look at our items marked with a 'Best Price Guarantee' and if you are able to find designer sunglasses at a lower price elsewhere, simply let us know and we will wire the difference back to your account within 14 days of placing the order at Funowls.

What is your price match guarantee?

We have the largest range of products under our Best Price Guarantee. We promise that if you are able to find designer sunglasses and eyeglasses at a lower price elsewhere, we will match that price. As soon as you place the order with us and let us know of the lower price at another site, we will return the difference to your account within 14 days.

How do I take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee?

Simply let us know by sending an email to our customer service: customerservice@funowls.com and provide us with the website address of the lower-priced item. We'll verify it according to our guidelines at place and if we find that it's the exact same model number and color, we'll match the price and wire the difference to your account!

*The Best Price Guarantee at Funowls is based on the following guidelines:

->Our Best Price Guarantee applies only to the designer sunglasses and eyeglasses and it is not applicable to our range of prescription or contact lenses.

->Our guarantee applies to any exact, identical model sold online by an Authorized dealer in Canada, as designated by the official distributor/manufacturer. The Colors and sizes of the models must be identical for the guarantee.

->Any item that is currently in stock and available for purchase on another website is also available in the same size, style, and color on Funowls will be considered for the Best Price Guarantee.

->The item on other websites must be available for shipping to your billing address.

->This offer is applicable only on eyeglass frames or sunglasses. Prescription lenses and contact lenses are excluded.

->We consider all the applicable shipping and other costs at other websites in order to make a proper comparison of the costs.

->The Best Price Guarantee is limited to 14 days after you have successfully placed your order on www.funowls.com

When does the Best Price Guarantee not apply?

There are certain situations when we are unable to offer the Best Price Guarantee. This occurs under the following circumstances (including, but not limited to):

->Our Best Price Guarantee cannot be combined with any of our existing promotion codes. Special promotional offers such as coupon codes, rebates, gift certificates and "buy one, get one free" products are not eligible for the Best Price Guarantee.

->The difference amount for our price match is a minimum of 1 CAD.

->We do not accept other retailers' misprinted or falsely advertised prices for our Best Price Guarantee at Funowls.

->Our purchases for resale or any other commercial purposes are not eligible for the Best Price Guarantee.

->This offer does not apply to any of the items that are advertised below our cost.

->We will not price match our range of prescription lenses or contact lenses. The price match guarantee applies only to our range of eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

I->tems on any websites that are auction sites, unauthorized dealer sites and/or discount sites will not be considered for the price match. Items that are out of stock, open-box, clearance, outlet center products and/or refurbished items are also excluded from being considered for the Best Price Guarantee.

->Any Items that are not in stock, ready for shipping on other websites are excluded from consideration.

What happens after I submit my request?

After submitting your request, within 14 days of your purchase date, FunOwls will verify and match the lower price and the price difference will be credited to your credit card, assuming our requirements are applicable and met. The item must be currently available on www.funowls.com in the same size, style, and color.

In case you haven't made your purchase at the time of applying for the Best Price Guarantee at Funowls, we can place the order for you at the matched price upon approval of the same.

The Price difference is applicable on the full cost of the item including any applicable taxes and charges incurred for the shipping (subtracting any promotions). At Funowls, there's a limit of one guarantee claim per item, per order. The price match difference amount is a minimum of 1 CAD

We, at Funowls, reserve the right to verify another online company's product availability, authorized dealer status, and price before issuing a price match credit to your account.

Privacy policy FAQs

Do I need to have cookies enabled to shop on your site?

Yes, we use cookies in order to allow you to have a better user experience every time you visit our website.

Return FAQs

Can I make return with gift receipt?

We are not doing this question now

Shipping FAQs

What are Terms & Conditions for free shipping?

At Funowls, we offer our customers the privilege of receiving a free shipping for their orders. Our free shipping is applicable on orders that are above $70 of purchase. It must be noted, however, customers need to have purchased items amounting to $70 or above before the taxes are applicable. Taxes are to be accounted for separately and are not included for the application of free shipping.

What shipping carriers do you use?

For shipping within the Canadian mainland, we employ the services of UPS, Purolator Express and Canada Post.

Buy Now Pay Later

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a payment solution that gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later - with no interest!

How Buy Now Pay Later Works?

When you place an order through Sezzle, our unique approvals system reviews your account to determine what sort of repayment plan we can offer. In most cases, it's 25% of the order total due up-front (also called your "down payment" or "first installment"), with the remaining amount divided up across three more installments, each due two weeks apart. No interest, no up-front or hidden fees. In fact, as long as you pay off your installments on time, there are no fees at all!

Is there any delay with order made with Buy Now Pay Later Option?

When your order is placed, Sezzle pays the merchant in-full for the order immediately - so the merchant has their funds and is able to process your order just like you had paid them in full with a credit card! This isn't layaway, so the merchant fulfills your order within their normal shipping and processing times.

Is there any Credit Check with Buy Now Pay later?

No. There is no credit check when you select Buy Now Pay Later with Sezzle on the checkout page

What are the requirements to get started shopping with Buy Now Pay Later?

->Be 18 years of age or older

->Have a US or Canadian phone number that can receive texts

->Have a working email address

->Have a non-prepaid payment method available

->For shoppers in the US, this can be a bank account, a debit card, or a credit card For shoppers in Canada, this can be a debit card or credit card

What is the Interest Rate?

No interest, no up-front or hidden fees. In fact, as long as you pay off your installments on time, there are no fees at all.