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25 July 2019

Will Aviators Ever Go Out Of Fashion?

By admin

One of the most popular sunglasses has always been the aviator shades. These sunglasses have been famous for numerous years and they were first used by fighter pilots during the Second World War. The aviators were designed in a manner to allow the prevention of light from entering the eye and also aided in preventing dust from reaching the delicate eyes. While these sunglasses were popularized during the 1960s, they become even more famous during the 1980s, due the constant appearance of these sunglasses in famous movies.

History of aviators

Aviators were first designed and developed by Ray ban and they were characterized by the reflective and dark lenses, metal frames and wire paddles. Fighter pilots, during the Second World War, needed shades to protect their eyes against the hot sun and the bombs from the enemy frontier. Ray ban developed the sunglasses in a manner to provide relief to the pilots, while also making the way for a celebrated fashion trend.

The popularity of the aviator sunglasses was at an all time high when General Mac Arthur reached Philippines during the 2nd world war. The pictures from this visit heightened interest in the sunglasses and made them extremely popular the world over. While numerous sunglass brands have come up with their own variation of the classic aviator sunglasses, the aviators designed by Ray ban remain extremely popular. These sunglasses are always in demand, year after year, without fail.

Aviators in the modern age

While the aviators were born out of an important need during the 2nd World War, these sunglasses have become a fashion mainstream and they can be spotted worn by almost every celebrity and Instagram influencers. With numerous variations to the original style, aviators are now available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Designer brands have come up with various different styles for the aviators and these have only made the sunglasses even more cooler with times.

The aviators nowadays are made with oval polycarbonate lenses that are more lightweight and can be worn for a longer time than the previous glasses. With the rise of the reflective variety of sunglasses, aviators came in shades that were earlier thought impossible. In order to protect individuals from the harmful ultraviolet radiations, the aviators nowadays are made with high-quality UV protection that helps to protect against the UVA and UVB rays.

When we think about the popularity of the aviator sunglasses, it is hard to find another type of sunglass that is as famous as the aviators. These sunglasses will likely remain a favorite for people for a long time. Being considered a staple fashion accessory for many, it is a must have sunglass. If you would like to add aviators to your range of sunglasses, you must definitely choose one carefully. The face shape is really important and choosing a sunglass according to the face shape will help you get the look right. And above all, remember to choose a pair of sunglasses that you like and do not blindly try to follow a particular trend.