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25 July 2019

5 New Sunglass Trends To Take Away From Fashion Week Season 2019

By admin

With a new year comes a new fashion trend for us to look out for. With the end of the Fashion Week Season, we can now draw the favorite trends in sunglasses that were a hit among celebrities and designers. You can bid goodbye to the trends of last year, because 2019 has given us some of the best trends that are going to become the staples for bloggers and models alike. Some of these sunglass trends were already popular and were revamped this year in a bigger fashion.

Here are 5 new trends in sunglasses that we are living for this year.

1.Retro cat-eye sunglasses: Cat-Eyes have gained popularity with one and all over the last few years, but this year we have been seeing the cat-eye sunglasses being revamped in colorful varieties and a retro look to it. These sunglasses are thin and sleek, but rather are sort of a triangle-like shape, with rounded bottoms and stretched edges on the sides. These sunglasses are being made available in colors like cool lavender and funky yellow, offering a wide range of options for people to choose from.

2.Round and transparent glasses: When pairing a bohemian outfit, the round and oversized sunglasses have become a staple and a must-have. Whether you want to choose smaller circles or go for the oversized ones, these can be a great addition to the summer dresses or casual outfits. While the round sunglasses were extremely common in the 60s and 70s, choosing bright colors add a trendy touch to any outfit.

3.Sunglasses with a chain: One new trend that is making its way in is the use of chains along with the sunglasses. These chains can be purchased separately and fixed to the sunglasses. You can choose any type of chain that brings out your personality and highlights your charm. Since these chains can be attached to any sunglass of your choice, you are free to choose a type of sunglass that you find alluring.

4.Hexagonal sunglasses: The hexagonal sunglass lenses are becoming all the more common these days. These sunglasses can have lenses of varying sizes; however the shape of the lens remains the same. While these sunglasses might look understated, they are quite impactful because of their ability to make ordinary outfits stand out.

5.Visor sport sunglasses: These sunglasses are extremely bold and they look the best when worn in bright and funky colors. These work very well with neutral toned outfits and even formal outfits can be spiced up by including a trendy visor sunglass with it.

While there have been numerous new trends in sunglasses this year, these 5 trends are here to stay for a very long time because of their ability to bring certain outfits to life. You can choose any one these trends and see how your outfit gets transformed immediately. Funowls has numerous trends on show at our website and you are sure to find the sunglasses of your choice amidst our wide range of choices.