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25 July 2019

3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Designer Sunglasses

By admin

Investing in a designer sunglass is a big deal for many of us. Having splurged on a pair of designer glasses, we try to protect it as much as possible from damage, given the amount of money we have spent on purchasing the product. However, we are often not aware of the proper ways in which sunglasses should be handled so that they are long-lasting and work well even in the long-run.

To make sure that the designer pair of sunglasses is preserved for its entire lifetime, there are certain steps that one should take to ensure better care for the sunglasses. As sunglasses have become a necessity all throughout the year, we use them on almost a daily basis. This makes it all the more important to take better care of our sunglasses.

Below, we break down 3 of the most important tips that can help to take better care of the designer sunglasses.

1.Use a proper sunglass case: When you purchase a designer sunglass, it usually comes with a hard case that helps to protect the sunglasses inside. However, there are many among us who hardly utilize this hard case. We seldom carry the sunglass case with us and keep our sunglasses out in the open or in the bag, where it comes into contact with other objects inside the bag. This bad habit can seriously hamper the condition of the sunglasses. The hard case helps one avoid incidents such as getting scratches on the sunglasses and prevents cracks or breaking of the sunglass handles. While carrying the hard case in our handbags can be a burden because of their size, it is perhaps the best way to protect the sunglasses that are a prized possession for most of us.

2.Clean the sunglasses appropriately once a week: If you are using a single pair of sunglasses for daily use, it is necessary that you undertake cleaning of the glasses once a week in order to keep them in a proper condition. There are many people who simply use their shirt or whatever they can get on their hands to wipe the lenses of the sunglasses. However, this must be avoided at all costs because using a coarse surface for cleaning of the lenses might lead to more damage than good. Instead, one should use the piece of microfiber cleaning cloth provided with the sunglass to clean the glasses and keep them like new even after a few years of use.

3.Handle the sunglasses with care: While we might assume that sunglasses do not need any additional care, it is quite the contrary. To make sure that the sunglasses can be used for a long time and it stays in its original condition, it is important that we practice caution when utilizing the sunglasses. One of the things to keep in mind is never to put the sunglasses on top of our head. While this might look cool, it can lead to the loosening of the screws, which in turn damage the sunglasses. Another tip to keep in mind is to never overexpose the sunglasses to excess heat. Excess heat leads to a distortion of the frame of the sunglasses.

Following these 3 steps, you will be able to preserve the value of your designer sunglasses for the longest period of time. Given the huge amount of money spent on the sunglasses, it makes sense to take better care of the sunglasses and keep them in the best possible condition. Then, you will see that the sunglasses can be utilized even after several years from you.