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25 July 2019

3 of the Best Sunglasses Trending This Summer

By admin

With the onset of summer comes a new trend in fashion. And sunglasses not only serve a utility, but they are also excellent props to show-off your fashion skills. Therefore, we bring you 3 of the must-have sunglasses for fashion lovers all across the world. While the onset of new trends does not mean that the other sunglass types become passé, but incorporating the new ideas to your outfits can help you to look stylish. Some of the trends currently famous are extensions and modifications to the classic sunglasses that we have always come to love and desire. Two of the types of sunglasses that stand out with any outfit are the aviators and the cat-eye sunglasses. Currently there are numerous variations that are based on the aviator or cat-eye shape for sunglasses. We break down the 3 best sunglasses that is a must-have this summer.

    Cat-Eye sunglasses: Cat-Eye sunglasses will never go out of fashion because of the oomph that these sunglasses can add to an ordinary outfit at any time of the day. One can immediately transform a normal outfit to a chic one with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses in a bold color. Given that there are numerous variations to the cat-eye sunglasses, one has the option to choose the exact shape that they would like to sport. From the retro 90s cat-eye glasses or the futuristic cat-eye glasses that are slightly bigger in size, we have our eyes on a range of different cat-eye sunglasses.

    Round sunglasses: If you are looking for something different and unique, try a pair of the round sunglasses that are currently popular. These sunglasses are versatile and bold and can be paired with a boho-chic outfit for your next vacation or to a music festival. These sunglasses can complement a wide-range of face-shapes and every celebrity swears by the round sunglasses.

    Statement sunglasses: While sunglasses are all about putting forward a statement about you, 2019 saw the arrival of the large, statement sunglasses that cover a large portion of the face. These oversized sunglasses can be quite daring and the outfits worn with these sunglasses need to be chosen quite carefully to give the best effect. Statement sunglasses pride themselves in being not only oversized for the face, but also sport several embellishment s and studded designs on the frame and the arms. One addition to the statement sunglasses is the chains attached to the arms. This gives quite a unique look to the person wearing these sunglasses.

While choosing a new trendy sunglass, it is important to remember that there are certain shapes of sunglasses that compliment a specific face-type and not go well with certain face-shapes. Therefore, one should choose a particular pair of sunglasses only after careful consideration of the face-shape. Also, the type of outfits that you would like to pair with a certain pair of sunglasses matter when you are investing in a new pair of designer sunglasses. Choosing a sunglass carefully can help you look the best all day long.